If you care the slightest about your privacy then stop using Chrome

…or any Google product for that matter. We preach the importance of protecting your online privacy. We also realize there is a balance to be had between that privacy and the convenience offered by online services. Wired recently posted the article “It’s time to ditch Chrome” and (despite their ironic insistence of accepting their cookies) […]

The Vatican Moves to Zimbra

If it’s secure enough for the Pontiff… Vatican City has consolidated all of their various email technologies into an on-premises hosted Zimbra solution. The Dicastery faced an all too common situation. They hadto integrate different groups, with different email platforms and data in different datacenters, onto one email system. They had users on Oracle Communications […]

Zimbra Drive working with the latest version of NextCloud

As of this writing the version of NextCloud is but should changes be required this post will be updated. Zimbra Drive is officially supported up to NextCloud 18. However, NextCloud 18 is not longer being supported. Getting Zimbra Drive to work with the latest version of NextCloud is pretty straightforward but requires some modifications to […]

WordPress 5.0.1 and 4.9.9 released

Exactly one week after WordPress dropped their major release version 5.0 security patches have been released in the form of 5.0.1 and 4.9.9. Several security issues have been addressed in the 5.0.1 update which has been backported to version 4.9.9 for those who have yet upgraded to WordPress 5.0. Among these security fixes, as outlined […]

WordPress 5.0 is coming. Here’s how we are going to handle it.

WordPress announced the release of version 5.0 will arrive on December 6th. No one but the WordPress folks are happy about this because it is being rushed to market so it can be launched ahead of their WordCamp US get-together. While WordPress 5.0 does bring some security fixes it also brings along the Gutenberg editor, […]

SSLs Explained!

With Apple’s Safari and now Google Chrome actively warning users if a site is not encrypted now is a good time learn about SSLs. Fortunately the folks at ManageWP have put together this great article which goes into detail about the differences between SSLs. The article covers the differences between free and paid certificates and […]

DOCMan to WP Download Manager with Excel VLOOKUP

If you are also in the position of moving from Joomla!’s DOCman to WP Download Manager you may find yourself needing to reassign categories for your entries. DOCman’s categories exist within DOCman whereas WP Download Manager’s categories exist with other categories within the site. Fortunately, Excel presents a quick and easy way to do this. […]