The Vatican Moves to Zimbra

If it’s secure enough for the Pontiff… Vatican City has consolidated all of their various email technologies into an on-premises hosted Zimbra solution. The Dicastery faced an all too common situation. They hadto integrate different groups, with different email platforms and data in different datacenters, onto one email system. They had users on Oracle Communications […]

Zimbra Drive working with the latest version of NextCloud

As of this writing the version of NextCloud is but should changes be required this post will be updated. Zimbra Drive is officially supported up to NextCloud 18. However, NextCloud 18 is not longer being supported. Getting Zimbra Drive to work with the latest version of NextCloud is pretty straightforward but requires some modifications to […]

Zimbra SMTP relay for multiple domains via MailGun or other provider

Recently we had a request to set up a dedicated relay for one of our clients through a third party. On the server we had another client who was using a separate relay. After finding differing takes on the process – neither of which worked properly – we found the perfect combination. For reference, we […]

Chat arrives in Kerio Connect!

A long-requested feature has arrived in Kerio – integrated instant messaging within the webmail interface! Kerio Connect has long had an instant messaging feature which can be accessed using third party software such as Apple’s Messages, Adium, Pidgin and Trillian but chat has never been part of the webmail interface until now. And it’s seamless:   We were […]