Chat arrives in Kerio Connect!

A long-requested feature has arrived in Kerio – integrated instant messaging within the webmail interface!

Kerio Connect has long had an instant messaging feature which can be accessed using third party software such as Apple’s Messages, Adium, Pidgin and Trillian but chat has never been part of the webmail interface until now. And it’s seamless:


We were talking about Yacht Rock Radio on XM/Sirus. Seriously.

On our previous system, Zimbra, chat was part of the system but was removed in version 8. To get the same chat features in version 8 a third party add-on was required.

With this native chat client all of your colleagues appear instantly in the chat window – there’s no need to add people!

If you are interested in moving to our Kerio solution please contact us to find out more.

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