Zimbra Drive working with the latest version of NextCloud

As of this writing the version of NextCloud is but should changes be required this post will be updated.

Zimbra Drive is officially supported up to NextCloud 18. However, NextCloud 18 is not longer being supported.

Getting Zimbra Drive to work with the latest version of NextCloud is pretty straightforward but requires some modifications to the plugin.

These are the changes you need to make:

All of these changes are made from the “apps/zimbradrive” folder:

In apps/zimbradrive/info.xml:

Change this line:

<nextcloud min-version="9" max-version="18"/>


<nextcloud min-version="9" max-version="99"/>

(or the latest version of NextCloud if you prefer).

Next, in lib/auth/abstractzimbrausersbackend.php:

Find this block of text (which may or may not include the comments):

        if(class_exists('OC\Accounts\AccountManager')) //Nextcloud >= 11
            $this->accountManager = new AccountManager(
                $server->getJobList(), // Nextcloud >= 12.0.1
                $this->logger // Nexcloud >= 18.0.0

Comment the entire thing out. (I placed /* and */ around it).

Finally, rename appinfo/database.xml to something like appinfo/_database.xml.

If this is a new NextCloud installation you will need to run this on your database:

CREATE TABLE `oc_zimbradrive_users` (
`uid` varchar(256) COLLATE utf8mb4_bin NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`display_name` varchar(256) COLLATE utf8mb4_bin DEFAULT NULL

Follow the rest of the setup and Zimbra Drive will now work on the latest version of NextCloud!

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

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