The Vatican Moves to Zimbra

If it’s secure enough for the Pontiff…

Vatican City has consolidated all of their various email technologies into an on-premises hosted Zimbra solution.

The Dicastery faced an all too common situation. They hadto integrate different groups, with different email platforms and data in different datacenters, onto one email system. They had users on Oracle Communications System, Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra. They needed one unified email platform that could be installed on-premises for complete, autonomous control. They also needed open source email to:

  • Reduce operational and personnel costs
  • Guarantee transparency in terms of security
  • Lower the risk of vendor lock-in situations

Zimbra was the clear winner! Their technical staff already had considerable experience with Zimbra, and Zimbra was the only platform that could provide on-premises installation with an open source component.


Photo by Caleb Miller on Unsplash

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