If you care the slightest about your privacy then stop using Chrome

…or any Google product for that matter.

We preach the importance of protecting your online privacy. We also realize there is a balance to be had between that privacy and the convenience offered by online services.

Wired recently posted the article “It’s time to ditch Chrome” and (despite their ironic insistence of accepting their cookies) they bring up some excellent points. And by the way, if you like using Chrome but do not like all of the invasive tracking, check out Chromium – it’s Chrome but de-Googled.

The saying is still true: if you do not pay for something then you are the product. Facebook, Google, Slack, Zoom and yes, even Microsoft are all guilty of offering free services while at the same time cataloging your data and selling your profile to whomever hands over enough cash.

Wave Motion Digital offers hosted alternatives to privacy-invasive companies such as Google:

Google Mail – we offer Zimbra

Google File Sharing – we offer NextCloud/Zimbra Drive

Google Docs/Sheets – we offer OnlyOffice

Just because a company has a bigger and better advertising budget doesn’t mean it their product is good.

Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash

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