Fighting Spam: An uphill battle

Spammers are always looking for ways to get into your inbox. While most mail hosting has basic spam protection (ours uses SpamAssasin, Amavis, Clam Antivirus and blacklist filtering) sometimes that just isn’t enough. And now that most people access their email on their phone, it opens up further opportunities for exploits, which ends up costing money, wasting bandwidth and raising ire.

If you think spam is getting worse, you’re right. Check out the mail breakdown for our domain for the month of July 2014:

Securence graph of mail received for all users

Notice the sharp spike between the 20th and 30th? That was when we relaunched our web site. For some reason the totals for the 31st are missing. Check this out — in just two days we received the following:

July 30th:

Total: 870

Clean e-mails: 270

Viruses: 0

Phishing: 11

Spam: 536

July 31st:

Total: 1,392

Clean e-mails: 569

Viruses: 5

Phishing: 10

Spam: 808

Combined that’s 1,344 pieces of junk that were kept out of our inboxes. And everyone – myself, Sumi, Monica and Phil all receive their email on a mobile device.

Have a look at the spam received between July 31st and August 2nd (BTW – this is how you can review quarantined spam to check for false positives):

Spam Quarantine
Drive a Hybrid, get a reverse mortgage, have thicker, fuller hair AND buy boner pills? Sign me up! Oh. Someone apparently did.

In furthering our efforts to combat spam, Sononaco has partnered with Securence, a provider of industry-leading spam protection, to provide an additional level of spam filtering. Just last week we added two of our clients to the system: Heidi Green Photography and czb llc. We’re happy to report that they’ve both noticed a dramatic decrease in spam since signing up.

Since we are a partner with Securence we can offer the service starting at just $3.50 per account per month – much cheaper than purchasing it directly through Securence (which is $6 per account per month). The service also includes e-mail shadowing, where a copy of your emails are retained for 45 days in private, encrypted storage. These emails can be retrieved and re-sent.

You have full control over all of the email that comes through the filter. And best of all, it works independent of your existing e-mail server – you don’t even need to be hosting your e-mail with us! In addition, we take care of all of the configuration for you.

If you’d like to learn more about Securence and how it could benefit your email, please give us a call at 202-684-6855 or hit us up through our contact page.

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