Mail server upgrade 9/4/14 11PM EDT

We will be upgrading the mail server to the latest version, 8.5, this evening beginning at approximately 11PM. You will lose connectivity to your e-mail during this upgrade process. Any email received during this time will be held and delivered after the upgrade is complete. We estimate the upgrade to take approximately 30 minutes. Typical upgrades in the past have taken 15-20 minutes. Please monitor our Twitter feed ( for updates.

This update will affect only our Pro mail server. No web sites will be affected.

We will also be ending our support for ThinkFree Office. Additionally, we will be changing the branding from “Supra Collaboration Suite”. Don’t be surprised by this.

At this point you can stop reading unless you want to learn more about what the upgrade brings.

There are several enhancements in this update, including several security patches:

Zimbra Touch Client for Tablet and Phone Devices

• Provides support for touch-capable mobile devices.

• Features are a subset of the features found in the Zimbra Web Client, including Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

  Zimbra Web Client Offline Mode (finally!)

• Zimbra Web Client supports offline capability using browser HTML5 API, which allows you to continue using the web client and accessing your data without connectivity to the server.

• When offline, one day to one month cached data is available from the browser.

• Transitioning from online mode (normal mode) to offline mode, and vice versa, is automatic, seamless and CPU conservative.

• A subset of application features are supported and enabled offline.

• Supported browsers include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

High-Fidelity Document Preview

• The document preview feature has been enhanced with a High-Fidelity preview, using LibreOffice.

Exchange Web Services (EWS)

• Native EWS support

• Supports Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail

• No plug-in required

• Free/Busy interoperability with Exchange Server

ActiveSync Performance and Scalability

• Improved ActiveSync performance and scalability

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