Hosting Change: Moving to FTPS

We are making some changes to the way some of our sites are accessed. And no, this has nothing to do with the Heartbleed bug, which was patched the day it was announced.

For the most part, all of our WordPress sites are rarely managed outside of an FTP system. Management of the sites are done via the administration console and rarely from the command line. For that reason we are moving all WordPress sites to a new authentication scheme: FTPS.

We have long preached about security and how FTP is inherently unsecured due to the fact that it transmits all data in plain text. SFTP is much more secure in that everything is encrypted. Enter FTPS – Secured FTP.

Making changes to your FTP client is easy. Simply set up a new favorite or bookmark using the server address, username and password we sent you.

The following are a few FTP clients which support FTPS:

Cyberduck (Free) – Mac & Windows

Transmit ($34) – Mac only

Interarchy ($50) – Mac only

FileZilla (Free) – Mac & Windows

Below are a few screenshots from popular FTP applications which support FTPS:


Cyberduck setup
Cyberduck setup


FileZilla setup screen
FileZilla setup screen

When connecting via FileZilla you will received the following confirmation:

FileZilla Certificate confirmation
FileZilla Certificate confirmation


Settings for Panic's Transmit
Settings for Panic’s Transmit

If you have any questions about these connections please let us know!