WordPress 4.9.6 Release Candidate 1 is here (and just in time for GDPR)

With the quickly approaching compliance date for the new GDPR regulations, as well as a spate of recent bugs in beta 1, the latest WordPress release, 4.9.6 Release Candidate 1 is right on time and available for download now.

The release addresses 30 bug fixes, many related to the new privacy tools being implemented to address GDPR compliance. Some of the major aspects of the GDPR regulations are related to marketing verbiage and the rights site visitors will gain in the area of data privacy, clarity and sharing. To that end, verbiage has been shortened to make actions and explanations clearer. As an example, the Privacy Policy introduction has been shortened to make it more user friendly.

While the majority of fixes revolve around GDPR/Privacy fixes, several general and code fixes have also been included. A full list of release fixes can be viewed on the WordPress Trac site. Due to the number of privacy tools and enhancements, the release needs more testing, and testers are encouraged to report them on the WordPress Alpha/Beta/RC forums.

At Wave Motion Digital, we are working with our clients to ensure a smooth transition to the coming GDPR regulations. If you would like assistance or consultation to ensure your site is ready and fully compliant, please call or email us and we can develop and implement a GDPR strategy customized for your organization.

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