May 2016: We have changed some things!

Hello! We have changed a few things around here and are going to be making some big announcements in the coming weeks.


We have been incredibly busy lately but wanted to get the new site out the door so can be adding to it while it’s live rather than waiting for it to be perfectly ready. Hey, if companies waited until software was perfect to be released we would still be on Windows 95 and Mac OS System 9.

First, we have updated our web site to get away from the shotgun color blast of before. We tried to keep a bit of our humor intact as well.

We are also excited to offer new powerful WordPress hosting packages and a new partnership with a great email provider.

We also completely revamped our invoicing and payments system! It takes a big person to admit they were wrong, and we were – about our ability to be able to build a better system than QuickBooks. But we learned a few valuable lessons:

1) QuickBooks is evil. More on that later.

2) Xero is awesome.

3) When something has worked for you for years, don’t switch to something else.

QuickBooks, in short, is withholding a big amount of money that we are owed because, after following all of their instructions and providing ample documentation of our transaction, continues to perform a “fraud investigation” which can last for 90 to 280 days. And that is all they will tell us.

As a small business this is devastating. So, rather than support such a service we have switched our invoicing to our tried-and-true time tracking system, Harvest. It integrates with our new account software, Xero and it was pretty easy to build it to integrate with this web site! So now when you make a payment it will now be reflected live in both Harvest and Xero!

That’s just a bit of what is going on. We’re crazy busy with client work too but wanted to take a few minutes to say, “Hey! We’re still here!”

Thanks for dropping by!

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