What is the REAL cost of a business website?

In todays quick and cheap mindset, when planning a new website, many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that their website shouldn’t cost a lot to build. It would seem that a shiny new website could be had for pennies. Think again.

If you’ve been considering a new website, or overhaul of your existing site, budgeting and planning will be one of the first steps you undertake, and the numbers might shock you. It may seem like building a website shouldn’t be an expensive process, but it can quickly add up, depending on the level of customization and features you want on your site.

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Some factors to consider when pricing a website include:

  • Will the site be brand new or a redesign?
  • Will it be optimized for tablets and mobile devices?
  • Do you want to offer multimedia content?
  • Who will maintain the site?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Executionists.com has a great article about the cost of a business website and how it really breaks down. Beautiful design and fluid functionality is made to look simple for the end user, but remember, achieving such effortless beauty is never a cheap endeavor!