Connecting to Databases via SSH with Sequel Pro

We take security seriously. Which is why we do not normally provide direct database access via the web through phpMyAdmin. We may allow phpMyAdmin access on specific VPS or dedicated servers upon request.

We encourage the use of database management systems (DBMs) such as MySQL Bench and SequelPro (both free).

Please check out our tutorial on generating and using SSH keys on Windows.

If you’re using Linux you should already know how to generate SSH keys.

On Mac open your Terminal application and type this:

ssh-keygen -b 2048

Press enter at the prompts. Once you are back to the Terminal prompt (ending with a $) type this :

cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy

Once we have your SSH key on our server, configure Sequel Pro to connect. Your configuration should look similar to this:


Select the SSH tab at the top.

Set the name to whatever you want, preferably an easily recognizable label.

MySQL Host:
Username: (We will provide this – your database username)
Password: (We will provide this – your database password)
SSH Host: Your server IP address or URL
SSH User: {your username used to access the site}
SSH Password: leave blank

Press Test Connection to see if it works. If so, select Add to Favorites then Connect.